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An engagement is the beginning of a lifelong partnership. While the bride tends to take on most of the wedding planning it’s really nice to make some decisions together, or even give the groom some responsibilities that are solely his own!

Don’t worry about your wedding planning skills (or lack thereof.) Here are 10 different ways the groom can get involved with the wedding.

1. Picking out gifts for the groomsmen: It’s always nice to get a gift for the people you’re asking to be your groomsmen, and no one knows them better than you! A little present for each member of your party will show them how much you appreciate them and want them standing next to you while you marry the love of your life.

2. Write a letter for your spouse to read the day of the wedding: This doesn’t have to be a 4-page love poem; just a quick few sentences for your bride-to-be to read in private before they’re walking down the aisle.

3. Help with thank you cards: Technically this isn’t wedding planning since it happens after the fact; but thank you cards are personal to each guest who attended your wedding and this is one of the first activities you and your partner get to do together as newlyweds.

4. Greet all the guests: It is your day after all! During the reception make your rounds and make it a priority to talk to every guest in attendance.

5. Assisting with picking out suits and fittings: Your fiancée will be busy with her bridesmaids, mother, and her own fittings. If you can keep the suit fittings in check that is one less thing she’ll have to worry about!

6. Budget: Talk to your spouse about how much money you will both be able to afford for everything - the ceremony, the reception, the honeymoon, etc. Money can be a touchy subject but it’s best to be open and honest right off the bat so there’s no confusion in the long run.

7. Guest list: You want your friends and family there too right?! Your spouse won’t know who to invite if you don’t tell them. Sit down together and come up with an ideal guest list of people you really want to share your day with.

8. Help pick a venue: Usually the bride has an idea of what she wants, but your opinion does help! Go check out each venue and weigh your options as a couple, sometimes just talking it out with someone is all you need to make your final decision.

9. Checking in with vendors day of: Your bride is going to be getting her hair and makeup done and enjoying time with her friends in the bridal suite. It would be a huge help if the day of the ceremony you went around to all the vendors to ensure things will run smoothly. And if there happens to be a problem, try to deal with it the best you can without involving the bride-to-be!

10. Vows: This should go without saying. No one knows what you want to say at the altar besides you. Your vows should be personal, meaningful, and should talk about how you fell in love with your partner. No one knows how you're feeling better than you.

A marriage is a true partnership between two individuals, so treat your engagement like a practice run! These are just a few ways the groom can take a little pressure off his fiancée’s shoulders to ensure the happiest day possible.

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