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So this week’s blog I decided to make a bit more personal because one of my best friends is recently ENGAGED 🤩

My recently engaged bff (right) and her fiancé (left)

I have known Paige and her fiancé Dylan for years now and they are perfect together. I’ve been friends with Dylan since we were kids and I met Paige when they started dating and since then she has become a huge part of my life. I am incredibly happy for them and I’m so excited to be a part of their big day in ARUBA! They’ve been planning this destination wedding for a little while now and it inspired me to write this blog post to help them or anyone else who may need some guidance.

Here are 5 important tips for planning a destination wedding:

  1. Visit the venue beforehand: Planning a wedding is stressful enough to begin with, and even more stressful when you live in a different country than where you’re having the wedding! You’re kind of going in blind and making difficult decisions without being able to see the results with your own eyes. Planning a trip to visit the venue a few months prior to the wedding will really help put your mind at ease. You’ll be able to talk to all the vendors and caterers and get a better idea of how everything will run when you go back for the actual event.

2. Give your guests time to plan: Your guests are most likely going to need to make flight arrangements and hotel accommodations so it’s important you give them enough of a heads-up. It’s usually safe to send out save-the-dates about 9 months in advance but I suggest at least a year if possible to give everyone ample time to plan. Then actual invitations don’t need to go out until about 4 months before the wedding.

3. Know your budget: A destination wedding isn’t going to be cheap, so knowing and sticking to your budget is key. You’ll need to remember to factor in hidden costs as well! The airfare and hotel are big ones but little costs like outside vendors, decor, extra activities and more all add up. But if you plan it right, a destination wedding doesn’t have to be any more expensive than if you had it back home.

4. Make a wedding website: This will be the go-to for your guests so you don’t feel like you’re answering the same questions a million times a day. Some features you’ll want to include in the website are most frequently asked questions, travel information, a link to your registry, and any other information you think is relevant for your guests to be aware of.

5. Try to keep everything to one venue: I believe this is important for multiple reasons. The first is that it will help cut down the cost; a lot of venues have different pricing packages that will save you extra money instead of outsourcing to multiple different venues/vendors. The second is it will eliminate any hassle trying to get you and your guests to and from the ceremony and reception. Since it's a destination wedding not all your guests will be familiar with the area and how to get around, so this just makes it easier!

Destination weddings are a dream and even though it can be a lot to plan, it's worth it! These are just a few tips to get you started. Now only one more year until Paige and Dylan are tying the knot in Aruba ❤️

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