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Trends come and go, and even sometimes make a comeback! A trend is defined by the direction of which something is changing or evolving; pretty much the things that are popular at the moment.

Trends can really drive event planning - from the decor, to the stationary, to the venue, all the way to the food that’s being served.

With weddings making a huge revival this summer, here are some top wedding trends I’m predicting for this summer. You might want to jump on some of these ideas before they go out of style!

  1. 2 Types of Color Palettes: 90’s Color-Blocking or the Minimalist Movement.

  • 90’s trends are thriving once again; including middle parts, straight leg pants, and corduroy. With this trend comes bright, bold colors such as reds, blues, yellows, and greens. Mixing and matching different neons will be huge this wedding season.

  • Or you may decide to go the more modern, and minimalist route with your color palette. This includes a lot of ivorys, beiges, and neutral tones. It is a simplistic style that evokes peace and looks very chic. Many businesses are taking on this minimal style, removing the bright colors and shapes and replacing them with clean lines and natural colors.

90's Color Blocking | photo by: Annie Gray on Unsplash

2. Quality > Quantity

According to Green Wedding Shoes, this wedding season people are going to opt for an extravagant ceremony with fewer guests as opposed to a simpler ceremony with a large number of guests. A smaller guest list allows you to put your budget toward a nicer venue, personalized favors, and more detail into your wedding. Create that “wow” factor you wouldn't have been able to do with a larger guest list.

3. Outdoor Venues

Outdoor venues are usually more popular in the warmer months anyways while the weather is nice. But this year with COVID-19 still lingering, outdoor spaces will be crucial for those who want to have a large guest list. By May 10th, the outdoor capacity limit will expand to 500 guests in New York while the indoor capacity limit will only expand to 250; thus allowing more guests to attend if an event is held outside. An outdoor venue also allows for easier social-distancing and also gives attendees the chance to enjoy a day outside after being forced to stay inside for the past year.

4. Non-traditional Bridal Looks

I’m a firm believer that the white/ivory wedding gown is here to stay. With that being said, there are many ways brides are looking to add an individual perspective to their bridal ensemble. A striking colored heel or pair of earrings is a simple way to add a bit of pop to your look. Walking down the aisle holding an extravagant bouquet of lights and colors is another way to stand out from other brides. Fashion trends will also play a huge role in the non-traditional bride look this year; meaning jumpsuits, puffy sleeves, and yes, short dresses.

5. Extravagant Floral Arrangements

According to One Fab Day, couples are looking outside the box when it comes to flowers. Going hand-in-hand with the 90’s color theme, wedding planners are seeing a high demand for bright colors and unique blossoms. Expect to see lots of succulents, dried flowers, and even feathers in flower arrangements this year!

6. Vintage

Dust off your grandmother's china set! Inspired by Netflix original series, Bridgerton, expect to see lots of pearls, gold birdcages filled with flowers, and lace gowns. Mixing the old with the new; people are opting for English-style candles, glassware, and tea sets with a 21st century twist. You'll feel like royalty every time with this wedding theme!

7. Intricate Desserts

Small business bakeries are definitely making a breakthrough this season. These local pastry chefs create personal relationships with their clients and go above and beyond for them. One of our favorite bakeshops, Sweet Ash Cakes, creates beautiful (and delicious!) sweets that exceed expectations. Whether it’s gold flakes, edible flowers, or a translucent crystal design, all eyes will be on the cake this wedding season, besides the bride of course!

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