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Photos and videos are great ways to look back on years later and reflect on your wedding day, but a keepsake that’s a little more personal is the guest book. It’s an opportunity for all your guests to sign and send you well wishes so you can remember exactly who was in attendance during your big day and the role they played in your life.

Many couples set up a designated table right at the entrance of the reception with a cute sign and pens for loved ones to stop at before stepping foot in the party. Unfortunately, traditional wedding books tend to be left on a shelf or stored in a box and eventually forgotten about. Lately, people have been stepping outside the box to create a guest book that isn’t really a book, but more of a piece of art they can hang in their home together as a constant reminder of the love that surrounds them.

Here are a few ideas for an alternative guest book that allows your personality to really shine through:

1. Sign a Globe - This is a great idea for the couple who loves adventure. Have guests sign a part of the globe they want you to travel to and leave some recommendations! You can then keep the globe as a piece of decor in your home while also being able to add some items to your bucket list as newlyweds.

2. Fill a Shadow Box - A shadow box is an elegant case with a glass or transparent front so you can display what's inside. Set one up outside your ceremony or reception on an easel next to a table with pens and wooden pieces that guests can write on. Now the messages can be viewed all night and for years to come!

3. Create a Design with Wine Corks - Consider yourself a wine connoisseur? This is super cute to have guests sign a cork and then arrange them in any shape of your choosing and glue them all together. You can even surround them in greenery or flowers to showcase in your home.

4. Make a Puzzle - If you and your partner love game nights this is the perfect guest book alternative for you! This is a fun, interactive option for guests to select their piece of the puzzle to write a little message. After the big day, you can put the whole puzzle together and either frame it to hang in your home or re-assemble it with your partner on your anniversary and re-read the messages from your guests.

5. Set-Up a Custom Sign - Boast your new, shared last name or the date and location of the ceremony. Incorporate in your wedding theme or have guests sign around an engagement photo of the two of you. This option allows your creative juices to flow.

6. Sign a Record - For the pair who shares a love for music. Select the album cover of your song as a couple and bring paint pens for your guests to sign. Then you can have the vinyl framed as a lovely keepsake.

7. Snap a Selfie - Toss away the pens completely and have guests take a photo with a Polaroid or disposable camera to develop and make into your own album. Or keep the pens and have your guests write a little note in the empty space below the Polaroid film. For even more fun, add props for guests to take pictures with!

8. Acrylic Sign - This is a simple, chic option that blends in with any wedding style. Bring white paint pens and decorate with anything your heart desires!

If you don't know which direction you want to go in with your guest book, consider the theme of your wedding, whether you'll have a guest book at other events (rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, etc.) and make sure to balance your creativity with practicality. Some ideas might seem cool on paper, but then turn out to be almost impossible in reality. Most importantly, make sure to always have multiple good quality pens on hand!

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