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Picking out a main flower for your wedding is so exciting, but it can also be slightly overwhelming with all the different colors and species out there in the world. Many people tend to pick a flower that means something to them; like choosing a flower that represents a lost loved one or a flower that reminds you of your partner.

If you’re unsure of the direction you want to go in with your flowers don’t worry! Each flower has its own meaning and symbolism so you can pick one that fits perfectly with the theme/tone of your big day.

Here are some of the most popular wedding flowers and their meanings to help you out:

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Lilies: The lily is a vibrant flower, but each color has a different meaning. According to Good Housekeeping, the white lily symbolizes purity, pink signifies prosperity, red means passion, orange shows pride, and yellow represents gratitude.

Carnations: Remember getting these flowers in school on Valentine’s Day? Pink or white carnations both have romantic meaning and are great for a couple sticking to a budget. But stay away from two-toned or yellow carnations, which have much less romantic meaning.

Roses: The red rose is the staple of a romantic gesture. It’s a symbol of true love, passion, and desire. Like the red rose, a white rose also has a positive meaning of a new beginning or everlasting love.

Sunflower: These are great for a summer wedding! Radiating positivity, the sunflower represents good luck, loyalty, and everlasting happiness.

Tulips: Since these are usually some of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, tulips usually stand for rebirth. Each color has its own meaning; pink being confidence and happiness, purple being royalty, yellow being cheerful, and white being forgiveness.

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Chrysanthemum: Typically not blooming until the fall, the chrysanthemum signifies beauty and joy despite any hardships that may be going on in your life. In many countries it is used exclusively as a memorial flower to honor those who have passed.

Daffodil: The daffodil’s bright yellow and white colors symbolize making it through the difficult times. They show new life, resilience, and hope headed your way.

Peony: If you are having trouble deciding a wedding flower, the peony is a great way to go. It literally means happy marriage, good fortune, prosperity, and compassion.

Camellia: In general, the camellia represents affection and admiration. But the different colors have their own meanings; red stands for passion and deep desire, pink stands for the longing for someone, and white stands for adoration.

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Orchid: This exotic, delicate plant is a modern fan-favorite among brides. Orchids look so unique while symbolizing luxury, strength, and beauty.

If flowers aren’t your thing, that's ok too! There are so many alternatives to flowers such as feathers, balloons, jewels, etc.

The purpose of flowers/decor at your wedding is supposed to show off your personality whether that be a specific kind of flower or something else.

Choose the flower that best represents your love story!

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