• Olivia Poff


DIY projects can make you feel more hands-on with the wedding and you can add your own personal touch. It’s also a fun activity to do with your partner to cut costs! Although DIY projects can be fun, you need to stick to a budget and a timeline to ensure it gets finished on time for the big day. One of the most popular DIY activities couples like to take on are the centerpieces, so here are a few steps/tips for those who don’t know where to start or need some inspiration!

One of the most important details to remember when creating your centerpieces is to match them to your color scheme; you want them to look cohesive with the theme. If you want to go a little outside the box you can try complimentary colors so the centerpieces stand out but they still flow with the rest of your decor.

Another factor to keep in mind is your timeline. If you want to make these centerpieces using real flowers you’ll want to put them together only a day before the wedding to make sure the flowers don’t begin to wilt before they can be put on display. The days leading up to the wedding can be pretty hectic, so if real flowers are the direction you want to go in for your centerpieces try to have all other elements organized and ready to go so you can pick up the flowers and efficiently design your centerpieces. If you aren’t using real flowers you can easily put together the centerpieces whenever you have free time and store them in a safe place so you can grab them and go on the big day!

If you decide to go with flowers for your centerpieces (real or fake) you’ll have to decide what kind of vase you want to put them in; round, square, small, tall, skinny, glass, etc. You can play around with the vase and use spray paint to give it a new color and a matte finish or be creative and use something unique like a mason jar or wine bottle. Your vase should reflect your wedding theme and the amount of flowers you plan on including in the centerpiece.

Remember to prepare your flowers before arranging your centerpiece. First, you’ll need to cut all the stems and remove the leaves from certain flowers (like roses.) Next, make sure you have filler flowers such as Baby’s Breath or Eucalyptus to fill in the gaps. You’ll also want to purchase a floral foam to put at the bottom of your vase. You soak it in water and it helps stabilize your flowers while also keeping them alive for a longer period of time. Finally, start creating a shape around the floral foam and start adding your flowers! Don’t be afraid to remove extra leaves and petals if needed.

If you’re looking for a much more simplistic centerpiece, candles can go a long way! They’re romantic and elegant and don’t take too much planning which can be a bonus. You can choose just one shade or mix it up with a handful of colors to make them stand out. Just remember to bring a candle lighter the day of the wedding!

Looking for a more unique centerpiece? Explore different options such as fruit, succulents, pumpkins, dried wood, mini terrariums, or handwritten signs. Go with something that matches the vibe of your wedding!

Centerpieces can take up a big portion of your wedding budget, but only if you let them! Thanks to easy tutorials, setting your tables with chic DIY centerpieces has never been more simple, affordable, and fun!

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