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Welcome back to our blog! We took a little break for a while but now we are back and better than ever.

2020 was quite a year trying to navigate a new “normal” due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Graduation parties have been cancelled, weddings have been postponed, and people have been celebrating their birthdays in quarantine.

With a full 365 days (and counting) since the beginning of the pandemic under our belt people are starting to be vaccinated, mask mandates are being lifted, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

But for those of you planning events in these next few months, it’s still a good idea to follow the COVID guidelines put in place by your state. Here are a few tips on hosting a fun, but safe, event until the pandemic is over for good.

Keep your event small. If you’re getting married, going to city hall and eloping is a great idea so you can still marry your loved one sooner than later. Another option for any event is to invite just family and close friends to keep numbers down.

Save the party for another day. Going along with keeping your event small, plan to push your wedding reception or big party out until it’s safe. Having a small wedding now and saving the reception for later is a great idea so you can still get married but then don’t need to feel like you’re leaving anyone out; they’ll all be invited to the reception at a later date!

Require all guests to test negative for COVID-19. Or have guests show proof of vaccination! This is a simple, easy way to ensure safety at your event.

Spread your guests out. Instead of having 10 people at a table, limit it to 6 per table. This allows people to be socially distant while sitting and eating.

Provide hand sanitizer for everyone. Whether it’s having sanitizing stations at each entryway, placing a bottle on all tables, or putting mini sanitizer bottles in all party favors, this is a great way to help your guests feel safe and comfortable.

Make personalized masks. Requiring guests to wear masks still falls under many states’ COVID-19 guidelines. But making and handing out personalized masks with your event date, name, and/or design to all guests is a great idea to ensure everyone is wearing a mask when they need to. It’s also a great memento from your event that your guests will be able to look back on when this pandemic is over!

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