• Olivia Poff


Updated: May 2, 2021

Vaccines are being rolled out, states are lifting COVID-19 restrictions, and venues are increasing their capacities; the end is almost near!

But there are still many people who want to play it safe and continue to quarantine until this pandemic is finally over.

It can be frustrating to have some of your guests RSVP “no” to your event, but there are plenty of ways to still include these people in your special day.

Here are a few ways you can approach guests who still feel skeptical being part of a large event during COVID-19.

Livestream your event.

Setting up a camera to have guests FaceTime in or going live on Facebook is a great way for your guests who are still playing it safe to feel like they were there during your event.

Have a parade!

This is a great idea for birthday parties or baby/bridal showers! Pick a date and time to stand outside your home while your guests drive by, give their well-wishes, and drop off gifts in a socially-distanced manner. This way you still get to see all your loved ones while keeping everyone safe.

Make multiple appearances.

Instead of having one large event have multiple smaller events! Get dressed up a few days prior to your event and make multiple trips to visit with friends and family who still prefer to be cautious. Now they get to have their photos with you and they feel like they got to celebrate.

Have a VIP table.

Have a table set aside or roped off from the rest of the crowd for the guests who want to remain distanced from everyone else. This way, they still get to be at your event but your other guests know not to approach them or get within six feet of the table - unless given special permission!

Be understanding!

It’s disappointing to hear someone is unable to come to your event, but it’s important to respect their boundaries and not put them in a situation that makes them uncomfortable. Having an open conversation about how you can still include them in your big day in a different way shows them how much they mean to you.

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