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By: Jill Cicero

In order to choose the right entertainment style to support your event - let’s ask what key components are needed for the functionality of your event. What matters most to the room and the energy in it for you for that day or in accordance with your theme?

Let’s take it by event type to help you decide


Fundraisers have a goal and they need to flow smoothly throughout the night. Usually auctions, raffles or the like are taking place to increase donations for the cause. In this case a DJ may be able to better assist, controlling the details of the music and adjusting accordingly to just a backdrop, assisting the host, and keeping the energy level high enticing people to participate throughout the evening.

Wedding Receptions

Here is where the choice is purely personal. Both a band or a DJ can deliver magic on your special day. It is all about the energy you want your guests to feel. Bands tend to be a more intimate experience, as they bounce off of their audience, they can achieve a sense of liveliness only in person music can get! Your DJ can set the tone with pre-selected tunes of your choice, impacting all aspects of your big day. Many come equipped to take care of the ambiance too, offering full service lighting and other great entertainment package options ! Both are worth considering depending on your style and budget. Your planner can help you decide.

Birthday Bash

This of course goes by the birthday boy or gal! Are they a music lover? Will they appreciate a certain genre of music or have an all-time favorite band? Perhaps surprise them with an awesome cover band? Dancing Queen? DJ. Swing or Motown fan? Band all the way. The DJ or band can really add to the element of not only surprise but of thoughtfulness. When your guest of honor sees how they were considered in every detail of the party, that in itself is a gift.

Seminar/Training/ Trade Shows

A DJ may be the best option here. Energy level is a big consideration at these types of gatherings. We need to increase and maintain engagement. We also may need the adaptability to handle sessions of speakers or presentations.

Galas/ Award Ceremony

We need to be on point at these events ! Timing is a key factor. Can our DJ set the tone and cue the cue? Yes! and Yes! Depending on the size of the event and if speeches take place – a lot of stop and starts may happen throughout this event. A DJ can adapt quickly – re-setting the mood according to the goings- on at any moment. Also, they can hook you up with a great spotlight!

Family Events / Reunions

Who will be in attendance? A multi generation crowd may appreciate a well-rounded selection from a DJ. We can play tunes from today and from decades past in a cinch. Let’s keep them all partying!

Client VIP Events

We want to keep the crowd of clients happy here. If you know your clients the choice is easy and if the event is designed to be lively with no pressure perhaps a great band can convey the same energy as your business. In today’s business environment, selecting a live band can offer a much-needed reprieve from that automated feel. You can kick it up or kick it down as you see fit to suit either a more formal or informal gathering of colleagues and clients. An event planner specializing in corporate affairs can help you decide if you are torn.

Please ask us about our planning services for all event types!

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