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photo by: Derek K Photography

You’ve said yes to a dress! Now it’s time to accessorize, beginning with a veil. Once thought to hide the bride away from “evil spirits who might want to thwart her happiness,” (according to wedding historian Susan Waggoner) now the veil is just a beautiful piece to drape over the back of the bride’s hair and dress; although some still decide to cover their face.

There are many different styles, lengths, colors, and fabrics to consider when choosing a veil. You might want to choose certain styles over others depending on what your dress looks like, but ultimately it comes down to what you want to wear while walking down the aisle.

Today I just want to talk about the difference between three veils: 1. long, floor length, 2. shorter, shoulder length, and 3. birdcage veil. There are many variations of each of these veils but I want to discuss the distinction in the different lengths to help you narrow your search for the perfect veil.

photo by: Derek K Photography

Long, floor length veils are the most formal. Jaws will drop as you waltz down the aisle, they are great for dramatic photo opportunities, and if your dress does not have a train this will make up for it! But, if you plan on leaving your veil on during the ceremony this might not be the best option because you don’t want people stepping on it and it can get heavy depending on the material.

Shorter, shoulder to fingertip length veils are a wonderful happy-medium. They are great for brides who want the focus mainly on their dress and you won’t have to worry about tripping/stepping on it. These veils are also easier to care for since there is less material to worry about. Shorter veils are a bit non-traditional but still just as elegant.

Birdcage veils or blushers are typically 9-inches of netting or fabric that drapes over part of your face. This allows for the bottom half of your face to be free and it adds a vintage feel to your ensemble. You can either remove the veil after the ceremony or flip it over your head for the reception. These are for the non-traditional brides who want to show off some personality and style!

Like I mentioned before there are many other veils that fall into each of these categories, but hopefully this helps narrow down the length of the veil you want to get married in. You can’t go wrong with any of these choices, as long as you feel confident and beautiful that’s all that matters!


Special thank you to DawnPoint Studios for the inspiration behind this blog post!

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