• Jill Cicero

Planning & Postponement In A Pandemic

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

By: Jill Cicero

This time is challenging for many on all different levels but for those who have milestones to celebrate that will happen just once in their lifetime, there is sadness and guilt that the date has either passed, been postponed or upcoming within a time of uncertainty. You aren't alone, many people who have looked forward to their special times are anxious. But we are here to tell you there will be brighter days ahead. Let's take this opportunity to keep planning or re-planning.  We can adjust and celebrate together again in the near future. With the extra time, we can take even extra care. The date is irrelevant to the feelings you want to commemorate. The date, although special,  is after all  numbers divided by dashes.  Your original date and plan may have faded away but it did not take with it the love, achievement or memory you wanted to rejoice. Smaller intimate ceremonies have become an option.  An elopement for now and a bigger wedding with all of your guests later. Even virtual events on the would be date as a temporary  acknowledgement until we can gather again. All are great ways to combat the temporary challenge affecting plans for celebration. Delaying your wedding can provide you with extra time and even extra budget for when your big day comes. Snag some of the amazing vendor deals being offered by booking now and saving later on down the line.  Wedding planners across the globe are running specials to help you plan, budget and handle all of the details for the occasion ahead.  Now, even more than ever before planners can assist in a smooth transition for each facet of your wedding and ensure you have all you need in place for when your is here ! A planner can shoulder the burden of rescheduling and finding accommodations in an expert manner reducing your stress level during an all ready taxing time in history. In the words of icon Marilyn Monroe " Nothing lasts forever ". Keep your chin up, the event planning industry is still here to help you with everything you need to do in advance of any big day you need to plan or reschedule ! 

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