• Jill Cicero


By: Jill Cicero

"Something Blue" is part of the old rhyme for the 6 charms every bride needs for good luck originally stemmed from British Folklore around 1876 and it is still standing with modern brides today !

The color blue is a symbol of fidelity, love's purity, loyalty and trust. It was ancient Roman tradition for Brides to wear blue gowns. Christianity was known to picture the Virgin Mary in blue robes. The color is also used to ward off the evil eye and protect the bride's fertility. Wearing a blue wedding gown on your wedding day actually predates wearing the color white until the late 19th century.

Today, your "something blue" can be anything. And now it can be your own meaningful secret between the both of you !

The Event Boutique selected these as a great modern option for the 2020 couple and beyond, as a way to keep tradition, express love and celebrate romance ! Follow and start a new tradition with your very own "I do, me too" shoe stickers.

This unique accessory will also create a fun photo opp for your wedding album as well. Just ask your photographer to showcase your shoes to remember this detail for years to come !

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