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By: Jill Cicero

The time has come for you to select the perfect dress to wear for your wedding. But how do you find the one? Every bride wants to look as perfect as can be and choosing a silhouette that suits and compliments your shape can make all the difference. Most of us can be classified into the below 5 body types.

Your shape depends on your body’s proportions:

1. Triangle: If you are a “triangle shape” your shoulders will generally be wider than your hips.

2. Pear: For “Pears”, they are just the opposite with hips wider than their shoulders.

3. Rectangle: This shape sports a straight shape with hips just as wide as shoulder and little to no definition at waist.

4. Hourglass: “Hourglass” figures’ hips and shoulders are in proportion with each other and are defined at the waist, which is the smallest part of their trunk area.

5. Apple: Apples are full throughout the shoulders, waist and hips with little to no definition at the waist.

Now that you have found your shape, let’s match you with the best dress options:

The Classic A-Line: This type of dress is full at the skirt. Figures with a smaller upper body including the Triangle and Pear shapes look best. The silhouette balances out the shoulders for the triangle body type, while it would camouflage the larger lower body of the Pear shape.

Mermaid or Trumpet Style: You will showcase your waist and hips in these styles, which hug and accentuate the curves of the hourglass body type, suiting them the best. A straighter rectangle shape can also benefit, as these silhouettes will create the illusion of more defined waists and hips.

Classic Sheath: A dress that boasts as universally flattering for both straighter rectangle or hourglass figures alike as a sleek sophisticated option.

Empire or Ball Gown: One of the most flattering choices for hourglass, pear or rectangle types. This style has the ability to camouflage the lower portion and add waist definition as needed. The Empire style will merely sit a bit higher on the waist. Choose according to your fit and preference.

Good luck on finding the one, all over again!

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