• Jill Cicero

Wedding Color Palette Rules

By: Jill Cicero

Choose Wisely and Early

For a cohesive look, make sure you choose your colors at the start of your planning. It will prevent your final look from ending up in different directions on your big day. It will also ensure that you save money on time and budget, cutting down any time re-planning due to a change in the palette in the later stages of your planning. We can’t stress choosing your color palette first thing and making sure you are happy with it before you place any deposits enough!

Consider the Style of Your Venue

Your venue matters very much when deciding the overall color palette and style for your wedding or other event. If your venue has traditional or modern touches and décor throughout, it will impact your final design. It is better to go with the style of your venue than against it for the best look!

Avoid A One-Color Blunder

You can simply integrate your main color with similar tones and hues. The use of metallics in a complimentary shade will also break up a monotone theme and make sure there is some definition and interest to your design.

Forget Focusing on Flowers

The other elements of your tablescape matter – such as implementing beautiful chargers, chair cushions, quality linens and the like! Paying attention to these details will provide a well-rounded, more expensive looking overall design in the end!

Choose A Universally Flattering Hue

This is a color palette faux pas you don’t want to make since it will affect all of your wedding pictures! Consider universally flattering shades for your bridesmaid dresses. We don’t want anyone to appear washed out or mismatched due to the differences in hair color and skin tone represented by your crew!

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