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After the many months of stress and planning, your wedding day was as perfect as you’d hoped! For the ultimate ending to your fairytale day, send your guests home with something to remember the festivities by! You can’t please everyone, so choose a party favor with your spouse based on what you think is appropriate, not what others might think. Sometimes it’s easy to pick a gift that coincides with your theme, but other times you might already have something special in mind. If you need a little inspiration, here are a few unique wedding favor ideas that will your friends and family will love:

Candles - For the rustic affair; jar different scents like lavender, pine, and rose and wrap in twine.

Mugs or Glasses - Either personalize them to each guest or give everyone the same design. You can even fill them with candy or a mini drink kit to make the perfect hot chocolate or cocktail!

Food - There are so many angles you can go with this! Box up individual cupcakes or cookies with “thank you” tags, set out macarons in a mini serving platter, fill a container with candy, or make a “to-go” box with snacks and a soda for those late night cravings!

Mini succulents - The best thing about succulents is that you don’t have to worry about them! They don’t need water so they’ll never wilt and they add a little life to every home. You can even stick in a tag and use them as place cards.

Bottles of Wine - All your guests will be raving about the wine you served at the wedding, so you might as well bottle it up for them! Personalize it by making custom labels that reflect the date, venue and writing a short message for each guest.

Custom Stickers - These are an adorable keepsake for people to take fun pictures with all night long! They’re even perfect for scrapbooking or when you’re putting together your wedding album.

Handmade Soaps - Make this a fun activity with your partner and learn how to make them on your own or support a local small business! Either way you can pick a scent your guests will love and customize a label to wrap around them.

Olive Oil or Rosemary Oil - This is perfect for a Greek wedding. Remember to label the tags with its multiple uses - get creative!

No matter what direction you decide to go in, the party favors are a kind gesture to show your guests how much you love and appreciate them being a part of your special day!

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