• Jill Cicero


BY: Jill Cicero

Fall is known for it's beautiful awe inspiring hues. Your wedding theme and style can reflect unique fall inspired color combinations to create a warm festive atmosphere on your special day.

Elements of unexpected shades of purple green, blue or even grey, can add a ton of depth and interest to your overall palette, especially with small well thought out details that can range from anything from lighting to napkin rings or most popularly floral design.

Here are some amazing fall color palette options:

Royal Fall: Copper Gold & Rust (pictured above) This regal metallic twist on the most iconic fall color elements prove to be special. Elegant and Rustic all at the same time !

Mother Nature: Sage Blush & Brown The earthy combination is so feminine and strong at once. Symbolic of the feminine and masculine energies. Shades of sage will bring out the softness of classic brown and the warm peachy tone of blush. Sophisticated Dream: Plum & Emerald

Aspects of rich plum and emerald can enrich your theme. Breaking up ivory with strong variations of these classic fall colors. Subdued Femininity: Mauve Pink & Grey An almost moody selection with soft pastel like hues. You can go in a few directions with your overall theme to achieve a relaxed feminine feel.

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